Fair-Play by Trans-Lux Enhances Product Offering for 2010

With New Scoreboards and LED Digital Displays.

Expands Leadership Position With Latest LED Innovations For Sports & Gaming.

Norwalk, CT (August 3, 2010) – Fair-Play, a business unit of Trans-Lux Corporation (NYSE Amex: TLX), has expanded its industry leading line of scoreboards and displays for 2010. In addition to the company’s industry proven line of sports scoreboards, Fair-Play has expanded its offering to include a newly launched line of digital data and video displays marketed under the TL Vision brand. Additionally, Fair-Play is poised to announce availability of a new Hand-Held Remote Control device for its comprehensive line of scoreboards that provides simplified operation.

“With literally tens of thousands of Fair-Play scoreboards and data displays installed around the world, the brand has earned a reputation for reliability and long-life that spans over 80 years,” said J.M. Allain, President and CEO, Trans-Lux Corporation. “By enhancing our line of Fair-Play products with new LED technologies including the addition of TL Vision digital displays, we offer the most versatile scoreboard solutions attainable – and the greatest value.”

Fair-Play scoreboards and digital displays are the preeminent choice of athletic directors in the education market and can be found in the vast majority of gaming sports books around the world. For 2010, Fair-Play has re-engineered its manufacturing facilities in Des Moines, Iowa resulting in increased throughput and a significant decrease in manufacturing costs. As a result, many standard Fair-Play scoreboards can be shipped within days of order, at significantly competitive prices.

“In many respects, Fair-Play has been and remains to be a giant amongst brands in the sports and gaming markets, but is otherwise a relative unknown throughout the business products space,” continued Mr. Allain. “With new sponsorship and incentive programs, we believe the Fair-Play brand will etch its way into the consumers’ mindset as we take a more aggressive stance leveraging our brand equity.”

In addition to Fair-Play scoreboards and data displays for virtually every arena and stadium sport, Trans-Lux is expanding the functionality of its scoreboards and digital displays with the addition of the company’s recently introduced TL Vision LED Large Screen Displays. The new TL Vision line includes indoor and outdoor LED displays including an industry first 3mm. The groundbreaking new 3mm LED display is ideal for high resolution applications with image quality that rivals HD flat screen displays – but has the ability to be customized in virtually any size and shape.

“For all intents and purposes, Trans-Lux is a new company with a new vision, and our Fair-Play branded products will play a significant role in our new business model,” continued Mr. Allain.

About Trans-Lux
Trans-Lux Corporation (NYSE Amex: TLX) is a leading designer and manufacturer of digital signage display solutions for the financial, sports and entertainment, gaming and leasing markets. With a comprehensive offering of LED digital signage solutions marketed under the TL Vision, TL InfoVision and Fair-Play brands, Trans-Lux delivers comprehensive digital signage solutions for any size venue’s indoor and outdoor display needs.