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Trans-Lux: A Global Leader in LED Displays
Trans-Lux : A Leader Since 1920

Incorporated in 1920, Trans-Lux Corporation (OTC: TNLX) is a leading designer and manufacturer of digital display solutions for the financial, sports and entertainment, gaming and leasing markets. With a comprehensive offering of LED Large Screen Systems, Prismatronic by Trans-Lux OOH LED solutions, Fair-Play branded Scoreboards, and Trans-Lux Energy LED lighting solutions, Trans-Lux delivers comprehensive digital signage solutions for any size venue’s indoor and outdoor display needs.

Trans-Lux has LED displays installed at thousands of locations around the world, including the world’s major financial exchanges, popular sports arenas and gaming facilities.

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Robert J. Conologue
Chief Financial Officer
Trans-Lux Corporation
445 Park Ave., Suite 2001
New York, NY 10022
212-308-0697 Fax

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