Innovative Financing Program from TL Energy Delivers Profits to Users who Deploy LED Lighting

New Financing Program Offers LED Tube Lights for as Little as $0.49/Month

NEW YORK, NY, (November 13, 2014) – TL Energy (TLE), a division of Trans-Lux Corporation (TNLX), a world leader in LED digital display and lighting technologies, announces the launch of a unique financing program initiated to further drive the use of LED tube lighting in commercial and industrial facilities. The financing program enables qualified businesses to profit from the use of TLE’s industry proven LED lighting when converting from conventional fluorescent tube lamps. TLE partnered with Structured Finance Associates who secured an initial $25 million to launch the innovative financing program.

TLE’s LED leasing program is designed to further promote the benefits of the company’s industry proven plug-and-play LED tube lights by allowing qualified customers to lease LED lighting for as little as $0.49 per lamp per month. This extremely low rate provides users with savings that can actually exceed their lease payments, and can produce a new recurring monthly revenue stream ranging from $150 to $500 for every 1,000 TLE LED tubes installed. With the new program, TLE LED tube lights retail for an average cost of $0.49 per lamp per month over a five-year period. With over 900 million legacy fluorescent tube lamps currently in use, this represents a total market valuation potential of more than $20 billion dollars for this one product segment of the company’s extensive LED lighting portfolio.

“The premise behind our financing program is really quite simple – provide businesses with a superior lighting solution for dramatically less costs,” said David Pavlik, President of Trans-Lux Energy. “By removing barriers of entry to convert to LED lighting with smart financing, facilities can easily profit from the combined savings in energy and maintenance that these proven LED lighting solutions deliver.”

TLE plug-and-play LED Tube Lights are direct replacements for conventional four-foot fluorescent lamps. They do not require any special wiring or fixtures, and can be installed in minutes. In addition, TLE LED Tube Lights provide a 50-80% reduction in electricity costs per year, 50,000 hours life expectancy, contain no mercury, and are backed by a five-year warranty.

“It’s no secret that legacy fluorescent manufacturers and suppliers are resisting the impending change-over to LED lighting as they last longer, require massive factory retooling efforts, and ultimately reduce sales volume,” continued Pavlik. “That’s why Trans-Lux Corporation entered the market a few years ago.  We saw the winds of change coming and we knew we could be a disruption in the lighting market by launching innovative new product and financing solutions.”

Structured Finance Associates, who secured $25 million to support TLE’s new financing program, works with both commercial and municipal customers to finance energy saving measures including lighting, controls, and renewable energy resources. Structured Finance Associates is prepared to increase the financing to meet demand as the program gains traction. “This is a great opportunity,” said John Krappman, CIO, Structured Finance Associates. “We’ve rarely, if ever, seen a financing opportunity in the commodity space that not only eliminates a customer’s net cost, but actually returns profits on their investment.”

With this unique approach, Trans-Lux unlocks the ability to include lighting in a standard operating lease, like any other equipment leased by a business, thus resulting in huge potential tax benefits. TLE also provides an innovative turnkey solution to help customers take advantage of local utility rebates, and prepare any necessary paperwork for state and federal tax deductions, which further contributes to user savings.

“This is not only a great opportunity for customers but also for resellers,” said Pavlik. “Regardless of their core business, just about anyone with access to business owners or a willingness to create opportunities can use this leasing program to generate revenue with Trans-Lux.”

With zero capital investment, a person or business entity can enroll as a certified reseller of Trans-Lux lighting, receive the necessary training and begin immediately making money selling these plug-and-play tubes. Lighting resellers also stand to benefit from this program and can now make a commission by offering a virtually no money down LED lighting product that does not require special installation.

“After witnessing the incredible savings of LED lighting and the many benefits of the Trans-Lux turnkey solutions offering first hand, it was only natural for me to begin presenting it to my colleagues,” said Leon Johnson, President of Excel Screen Printing and Embroidery. “We saved over 20% or $20,000 annually on our total electric bill. Now, we actively resell this same Trans-Lux technology to companies across the United States as a new highly profitable business unit at Excel.”