San Diego Auto Mall Rises Above The Competition With TL Vision® LED Displays From Trans-Lux

May 25, 2011

San Diego Auto Mall Rises Above The Competition

With TL Vision® LED Displays From Trans-Lux

Auto malls are a common fixture on the landscape of Southern California, the undisputed car capital of the world. Between Santa Barbara and San Diego, it’s a car shopper’s paradise featuring every make and model of automobile available. With such an abundance of options, auto mall dealer associations often rely on a variety of out of home marketing vehicles to attract attention to their businesses and communicate their messages.

Stanford Sign, San Diego’s leading sign company, specializes in innovative signage. They recently completed an upgrade to the signage for the Mile of Cars auto campus in nearby National City. According to David LeSage, President of Stanford Sign, the old sign boards, which had been a staple for more than two decades, were updated with TL Vision LED large screen displays from Trans-Lux.

“Our first sign installation for the auto mall was in the late 1980’s when we installed three separate incandescent bulb message board signs along the freeways for Mile of Cars,” he said. “These three boards were later retro-fitted to reflector 30 watt lamps and then, early this year, the boards were all changed over to Trans-Lux LED TL Vision LED displays.”

Competition for the job of refurbishing the three signs, which include two 80 foot signs and one 40 foot sign, was fierce but LeSage believes the high quality/high resolution images produced by the TL Vision LED technology gave them the advantage.

“Compared to offerings from other vendors, the TL Vision LED display from Trans-Lux delivers the best price to performance ratio and value for the money. Additionally, we received tremendous support from Trans-Lux in preparing for, presenting and implementing our solution.”

The TL Vision LED boards feature a 20mm pixel size so that messages are easily visible from a distance and viewing angle. The high resolution images with brilliant color reproduction stand out in the bright California sunshine and also when competing for attention at night in brightly lit freeway environments. Mr. LeSage also noted that the TL Vision boards were easily configured to meet the old boards’ refurbishing requirements.

Trans-Lux offers a selection of controllers and interfaces to stream live data from virtually any content provider, as well as software solutions that make it easy for customers to customize content on-site. For the Mile of Cars installation, Stanford Sign is creating the content using a Trans-Lux controller and interface to stream content live to the three signs.

The Trans-Lux TL Vision displays are 100% solid state and are designed by Trans-Lux with state-of-the-art electronics and high performance LEDs. TL Vision LED displays also draw less power than incandescent or electromechanical displays to help save on energy costs. The result is greater overall performance and efficiency with lower total cost of ownership and virtually no maintenance.