Trans-Lux and Retop Collaboration Combines Core Resources

Forms Industry’s Top True Integrated LED Solution Provider

New York, NY (July 8, 2014) – Trans-Lux Corporation (TNLX) President and CEO J.M. Allain announced today that the company has entered into a broad ranged exclusive collaboration with Retop Industrial (Hong Kong) Limited (“Retop”). Retop is the industry’s leading manufacturer of LED large screen systems and lighting products with an existing customer base that includes over 15,000 high-profile venues around the world.

“Retop has been our top supplier for many years. I personally have been working with them not only at Trans-Lux, but also at my previous place of employment, where we deployed some of the most iconic displays in the United States. Working with Retop creates a unique and very competitive team,” said Mr. Allain. “We believe the collaboration with Retop changes the landscape of our global business operations, and will lead to much lower raw material costs and solution pricing for our customers.”

Trans-Lux LED display systems are currently deployed globally in some of the world’s most prominent venues. Most recently, Trans-Lux also engaged in supplier agreements with two highly recognized and established leaders in the electronics industry who are privately branding Trans-Lux LED displays. With several installations already complete, Trans-Lux LED displays are currently installed in stadiums and arenas playing host to several of the sports industry’s most prevalent events.

“We have continued to evolve new and innovative business models that capitalize on the tremendous potential of LED technologies and set a new course for Trans-Lux,” continued Mr. Allain. “Our collaboration with Retop is by far the greatest execution of our new business development philosophy that combines legacy experience and customers with a new vision for the future.”

Trans-Lux continues to establish new benchmarks in LED display performance and efficiency. Recent innovations include: TL Vision LED Cabinet Systems that virtually eliminate common alignment issues, expedite display set-up time and reduce overall costs (view our TL Vision LED Cabinet Systems demonstration video at; the world’s first and only 1.5mm pitch LED display that rivals HD flat screen image quality and is “already ready” for 4K resolution LED display imaging; and the epic Series LED System Software Suite that makes LED display set-up, control and content management easier and more efficient.

“I could not be more bullish about our future. If you compare where we are now to just a few years ago, our staff deserves great credit for a truly transformative evolution. Our shareholders and customers should benefit greatly from our relationship with Retop and the products and services to which it will lead,” concluded Mr. Allain.