Trans-Lux Debuts New LED Software and Display Offerings at ISA 2015

New TL Vision and PrismaFlex LED Displays Driven by New epic™ Software

Las Vegas, NV (April 9, 2015) – Trans-Lux (TNLX) continues to bring LED innovation to market with new additions to the company’s impressive line of LED display and lighting solutions. New LED products on display here at ISA 2015 include an expanded line of TL Vision LED displays with pitches ranging from 1.9mm to 20mm, Out Of Home (OOH) street furniture under the Prismatronic brand, and new additions to the company’s suite of epic™ LED control software. In addition, Trans-Lux is displaying unique software applications for 3D imaging without glasses, as well as an application to remove LED display moiré for use on broadcast and video production sets.

“Over the last few years, Trans-Lux has developed the largest single portfolio of LED display and lighting products available from a single source. It’s not about the quantity of products we offer, it’s about Trans-Lux’s unique ability to deliver truly integrated LED technology solutions that best meet the specific needs of each and every customer,” said J.M. Allain, President and Chief Executive Officer.

Here at ISA 2015, Trans-Lux is showcasing one of the 50+ new TL Vision LED display’s in the company’s recently expanded line-up. The new TL Vision 1.9mm LED Display delivers HD quality video with brightness, color reproduction and viewing angles that rival HD flat panel televisions. The new 1.9mm LED display is ideal for myriad applications including retail/fashion, corporate lobbies, restaurants and lounges, nightclubs, concert/touring venues, museums and all other viewing locations where large format HD resolution imagery will best engage viewers.

New Prismatronic OOH LED Display and Software solutions being co-marketed by Trans-Lux and Prismaflex in the Americas offer the proven performance, reliability and user intuitiveness of Prismaflex International’s OOH software and LED street furniture displays. Trans-Lux is featuring a high-impact 6mm vertical display system along with a 20mm horizontal LED display specifically designed for OOH advertising applications. The new Prismatronic by Trans-Lux LED displays are being driven by Prismaflex’s powerful OOH control BBM (Billboard Manager) software.

Trans-Lux is also announcing the introduction of two new software applications specifically designed to expand the use and applications for LED displays. epic™-3D is a new 3D software application that turns small pitch LED systems into large screen 3D displays without the need for viewers to wear cumbersome glasses. The new 3D technology can be used on still and moving images providing a whole new dimension for LED content creation and engagement. Also introduced is a new software application that eliminates moiré patterns typically prevalent when shooting LED displays on live television. epic™-moire provides the ideal solution for news and sports television studios wishing to incorporate the versatility of LED displays into their sets.

Augmenting its ever popular line of scoreboard solutions, Trans-Lux is displaying its new Fair-Play by Trans-Lux Courtside LED Displays here at the show. Designed specifically for use in multi-purpose arenas and gymnasiums, the new Courtside LED Displays can be used as stand-alone scoreboards, LED video displays, for static images and messaging, or any combination. The lightweight and modular units are available with 6mm and 10mm LED pitches in 6’, 8’ and 10’ length configurations. Units can also be connected end-to-end to form longer zipper style LED displays in virtually any length. Lightweight, modular design accommodates a wide range of floor configurations.