Trans-Lux Debuts TL Vision 2mm Large Screen Display with 1080p HD and 4K Capabilities

New 2mm LED Display Features Latest Innovations in Processing and Cabinet Design

Las Vegas, NV (April 7, 2014) – Trans-Lux (TLNX) is showcasing the company’s new TL Vision 2mm HD LED Large Screen Display with 4K capability, along with several innovations in LED display technology at this year’s National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show. Taking center stage in the Trans-Lux exhibit is the company’s premier TL Vision 2mm HD LED Large Screen Display which measures approximately 20’ x 20’ with a 3840×2880 pixel array. The first of its type to be publicly shown live, the TL Vision 2mm HD LED Large Screen Display produces 1080p HD content with stunning clarity, and is capable of displaying 4K content driven by the company’s powerful epic™ Series LED System Software Suite. The TL Vision 2mm HD LED Large Screen Display also features Trans-Lux’s innovative LED Cabinet System that virtually eliminates common alignment issues, expedites display set-up time, and reduces overall costs.

“Trans-Lux offers innovative LED display solutions that deliver HD resolution for today’s most challenging HD content, as well as for emerging resolution formats such as 4K,” said J.M. Allain, President and Chief Executive Officer, Trans-Lux. “For broadcast, sports and government applications that demand the best of the best in resolution, our new TL Vision 2mm HD LED Large Screen Display is ‘already 4K ready’.”

The new TL Vision 2mm HD LED Large Screen Display features a 4800 x 2880 SMD pixel array to display 1080P HD content with incredible clarity and brightness from virtually any viewing angle and in any lighting condition. The new 2mm display is designed with Trans-Lux TL Vision LED Cabinet Systems that feature precision machined interlocking mechanisms to help ensure perfect alignment of the modules. The aluminum die cast cabinets are ideal for both fixed and portable indoor or outdoor displays. To see just how easily and quickly Trans-Lux TL Vision LED Cabinet Systems are installed, please visit:

Trans-Lux’s new epic™ Series LED System Software Suite is driving the new TL Vision 2mm HD LED Large Screen Display on the show floor. The powerful processing software is available in four modules that can be used standalone or as an integrated software solution with exceptional installation flexibility.

•      epic.control™ allows you to set up all parameters for the display, including capture area, color selection, brightness and size of display. It also interfaces with a digital SLR camera to adjust the uniformity of the color and brightness of the display.

•™ connects a network of displays and controls what content and playlists are sent to each display.

•™ connects to a single display and is used to generate playlists and schedules, and import content created by other software applications. This software also programs the presentation modes of the content and enables simple text edits directly onto content.

•      epic.driver™ is comprised of PC software and a hardware module that is installed inside the display. The PC software uploads content and playlist schedules to the board after which the PC can be disconnected from the display. The installed display module drives the uploaded programming.