Trans-Lux Demonstrates Innovative Display Solutions at G2E

Trans-Lux Demonstrates Innovative Display Solutions at G2E

Features New LED Large Screen Systems, LCD Displays and Display Control Systems

Las Vegas, NV (October 4, 2011) – Trans-Lux Corporation is demonstrating innovative display technologies to engage viewers and gaming facility operators here at G2E. New additions to Trans-Lux’s continuing growing line of digital signage solutions include TL Vision Large Screen Systems, LCD Displays in a variety of configurations, and the powerful TL Control Digital Display Platform that delivers easy programming and content creation.

“As the premier supplier of display technologies for gaming sports book and customer engagement applications, Trans-Lux has an established reputation with the gaming facility management that spans several decades,” said J.M. Allain, President and CEO, Trans-Lux Corporation. “Our new and comprehensive line of TL Vision display solutions provides the gaming industry with even more versatility to implement innovative digital signage systems that deliver content rich programming in HD quality with lower total cost of ownership. This is the new Trans-Lux.”

To visually engage patrons, Trans-Lux offers its new line of TL Vision LED Large Screen Systems that deliver bright, HD quality images with breathtaking clarity. Ranging in pitch sizes from 3mm to 45mm, TL Vision displays can be configured in virtually any size and shape for indoor or outdoor use.

Debuting at G2E is Trans-Lux’s new line of LCD displays. TL Vision M Series LCD Displays range in size from 19 inches to 82 inches and feature 1080p HD resolution with state-of-the-art processing technology to ensure stable, brilliant color performance. Configuration and installation of the M Series LCD Displays is facilitated with features such as multiple inputs, RS-232 in/out communication protocols, VESA™ mounting interfaces and built-in tiling software. Available in stand-alone or integrated video wall configurations, the new M Series LCD Displays provide outstanding performance and image quality at economical price points.

Trans-Lux is also showcasing its new TL Control Digital Display Platform that allows easy management, control and creation of content rich digital signage programming. Functionality includes template authoring, playlist building, preview and playout. It features broadcast quality graphics and video in real time with the unique capability to change individual content elements without requiring entire video segments to be re-rendered. A single, easy-to-use interface allows management of all aspects of the process and the system supports live video inputs from multiple sources as well as a variety of formats for signal output. The hardware and software package enables casino management to leverage their investment in digital signage more effectively by integrating signage technology into core business and marketing strategies.