Trans-Lux Digital Signage Selected For New Business Venture

August 10,2011

Trans-Lux Digital Signage Selected for New Business Venture

Canadian Firm Launches Outdoor Advertising Business With TL Vision 16mm LED Large Screen System

For a start-up company, there are no second chances. It’s about making the right choices the first time around. And that’s exactly why OSM Media selected the TL Vision large screen outdoor display from Trans-Lux for their start-up business venture.

OSM Media, located in Southern Ontario, Canada is a media firm that specializes in leasing digital billboards for advertising purposes. The company has recently purchased a Trans-Lux TL Vision 16mm outdoor full color LED display to launch the new venture and had it installed in a high profile location in the bustling Toronto suburb of Milton.

According to Inder Saini, Owner of OSM Media, after comparing quality, price and features on three comparable large screen solutions, the TL Vision system was superior in all categories. He says, “We were very impressed with the TL Vision system, but what really made the decision easy for us was the price point coupled with the company’s professional sales and support efforts.”

The TL Vision 16mm LED display measures 7 feet high by 10 feet wide and can accommodate the client’s advertising and promotional messages in both still image and full motion video formats. The digital signage produces vivid, color-rich, high definition images in virtually any lighting condition and can be clearly seen from wide viewing angles, making it the perfect choice for OSM Media’s new advertising venture. As Mr. Saini notes, “with an impression time of approximately 12 seconds, it’s critical for the message to stand out and be highly visible.”

“Everything about this solution works for us,” adds Mr. Saini. “We were able to select and configure the board that best fit our needs; we can produce the content ourselves; the price was right; the images are brilliant; and our customers love it.”

The TL-OV16 Trans-Lux TL Vision LED display has a pixel pitch of 16mm and a resolution of 192 x 128. A brightness level of 6000 nits and a viewing angle of 140° horizontal by 70° vertical help to ensure high visibility and clarity. TL Vision’s LED technology is highly resilient and reliable and capable of withstanding harsh winter climates.

The Trans-Lux TL Vision displays are 100% solid state and are designed by Trans-Lux with state-of-the-art electronics and high performance LEDs. The result is greater efficiency and a more uniform message presentation. TL Vision LED displays require less power than incandescent or electromechanical displays to help save on energy requirements and maintenance costs.