Trans-Lux Energy Reaches Milestone $1 Million in Lighting Rebates

New York, NY (September 17, 2014) – Trans-Lux Corporation (TNLX) President and CEO J.M. Allain announced today that Trans-Lux Energy, the company’s LED lighting entity, has reached two of several strategically structured milestones for the young organization. First, Trans-Lux Energy has eclipsed the $1 million mark for LED lighting rebates collected on behalf its growing client base. The second milestone is the installation of the company’s 100,000th LED light. These two significant benchmarks have been achieved in just over two years since Trans-Lux Energy was formed.

“When we formulated our new business plan aimed at providing uniquely integrated LED display and lighting solutions for commercial and industrial users approximately two years ago, we set a few lofty goals based on the extreme value we believed would engage new customers,” said Allain. “Reaching these important milestones substantiates the added value our integrated services model delivers for myriad users around the world.”

Trans-Lux Corporation is a leading designer and manufacturer of LED lighting under the Trans-Lux Energy brand for the financial, sports and entertainment, gaming, education, government and commercial markets. Trans-Lux Energy offers a comprehensive portfolio of LED lighting products supported by innovative sales programs that makes it easy, convenient and cost-efficient for facilities to upgrade to LED lighting. The turnkey program includes project management, survey configurations and engineering recommendations, rebates and incentives, removal and disposal of existing lighting, LED light bulb installation and ongoing maintenance.

Trans-Lux Energy LED lighting solutions provide tremendous energy cost savings and can reduce energy consumption and emissions by as much as 50-80% (when compared to conventional lighting). Trans-Lux Energy LED lighting solutions are: people friendly – they’re mercury free, do not emit any harmful rays and run cool to the touch; environmentally friendly – they use less energy, do not contain toxic waste for easy recycling, and reduce landfill usage compared to conventional light bulbs because of their long-life; and they are aesthetically friendly – they produce better quality light, never jitter or vibrate, provide high luminous efficacy, and can be adjusted to warm/white/cool temperatures.

“Trans-Lux Energy provides a unique selling proposition with customized turnkey programs that virtually pay for themselves. And when combined with our leading line of TL Vision LED displays, Trans-Lux offers uniquely combined LED packages that deliver the highest levels of value, efficiency and performance,” said David Pavlik, President of Trans-Lux Energy Corporation. “Securing $1 million in customer rebates and the installation of 100,000 LED lights now sets us on a new and exciting path that will light the way for even greater opportunities for new business development.”