Trans-Lux Illuminates the Virtues of LED Displays at WFX

Showcases HD Quality 4mm Black LED Display and epic™ Series Software

Delivers LED Display Technology Education Sessions

Dallas, TX (September 30, 2014) – Trans-Lux Corporation (TNLX), a world leader in LED digital displays and LED lighting technologies, is demonstrating the power of LED displays to further engage congregations here at the WFX National Conference for Church Leaders. In addition to demonstrating the outstanding HD quality of the company’s TL Vision 4mm Black LED display, Trans-Lux management is conducting seminars for show attendees on what to look for when evaluating LED display systems.

“Trans-Lux LED displays are engaging audiences in some of the world’s premier venues around the globe and provide benefits that transcend their superior visual characteristics by facilitating user engagement and education,” said Craig Katt, Senior VP of Display Technologies, Trans-Lux Corporation. “The incredible resolution and vibrancy of Trans-Lux TL Vision LED display systems can help houses of worship to attract larger congregations and stimulate participation.”

In addition to Trans-Lux’s product display, Katt and his team will be hosting two hour-long seminars at the WFX show on October 1st at 3:15pm in room D220, and on October 2nd at 8:00am also in room D220 detailing best practices when evaluating LED display systems.

Trans-Lux is also demonstrating the outstanding HD performance of its TL Vision 4mm Black LED displays in its exhibit (booth #437), which employs the latest LED technology to deliver vibrant and true color reproduction with more contrast in virtually any lighting condition. Clearly visible from wide angles and from greater distances, TL Vision 4mm Black displays are modular in design and can be custom configured in almost any shape and size, making them the ideal display technology solution for new and old facilities and architecture.

The TL Vision 4mm Black LED display is being driven by Trans-Lux’s powerful epic™ Series LED System Software Suite which is comprised of four modules that can be used stand-alone or as an integrated software solution.

– epic.control™ allows you to set-up all parameters for the display, including capture area, color selection, brightness and size of display. It also allows users to interface a digital SLR camera to adjust the uniformity of the color and brightness of the display.
–™ connects a network of displays and controls what content and play lists are sent to each display.
–™ connects to a single display and is used to generate play lists, schedules, and import content created by other software applications. This software also programs the presentation modes of the content and enables simple text edits directly onto content.
– epic.driver™ is comprised of PC software and a hardware module that is installed inside the display. The PC software uploads content and play list schedules to the board after which the PC can be disconnected from the display. The installed display module drives the uploaded programming.

In addition, Trans-Lux Energy (TLE), a subsidiary of Trans-Lux Corporation, offers a comprehensive line of LED lighting solutions for myriad applications including stage and event lighting for both indoor and outdoor venues. In addition to providing superior lighting with life expectancies up to 50,000 hours, TLE LED lighting can be controlled to emit virtually any color and/or temperature light. The unique combination of extreme versatility and efficiency can significantly improve aesthetics and overall lighting, while reducing energy costs and lowering a facility’s carbon footprint. TLE offers unique integrated LED lighting programs that can effectively offset the costs of LED display systems by converting to LED lighting.