Trans-Lux Unveils TL Control Digital Signage Control & Management Solution

Trans-Lux Unveils TL Control Digital Signage Control & Management Solution

Provides Easy Content Management, Control and Creation

Las Vegas, NV (October 4, 2011) – Trans-Lux Corporation, a recognized leader in digital signage solutions for the casino/gaming industry, has unveiled its new TL Control Digital Display Platform here at G2E. More than just a software system to create or administer content for digital signage, the powerful integrated TL Control Platform provides the means to manage the entire process including template authoring, playlist building and preview and playout. Its many features and advantages can add to the value of digital signage and make the challenge of managing the system easier and more successful.

“LED large screen systems and LCD displays deliver a wide range of gaming and entertainment content that needs to be intelligently controlled so that it is always relevant and engaging,” said J.M. Allain, President and CEO, Trans-Lux Corporation. “Our TL Control Digital Display Platform provides casino management with the ability to cost-efficiently create, deliver and control content rich digital programming unlike any other system available.”

Designed to improve the management process of digital signage content and provide a more effective digital signage application, the TL Control Digital Display Platform is packed with premium features. It renders broadcast quality graphics and video in real time with the unique capability to change individual content elements without requiring entire video segments to be re-rendered. The TL Control Template Maker is Microsoft® PowerPoint® compatible for high-end digital signage production and allows operators to author content that includes video, animation, graphics, audio, live data and ultra-smooth text, or crawling tickers.

A single, easy-to-use interface allows management of all aspects of the process including building playlists, updating template information and scheduling content delivery to any player or group of players on the network. Updating template content can also be automated using pre-defined rules for easier management. Additionally, operators can easily and interactively update and manage content with point-and-click simplicity using the TL Control Web Screen Software.

The TL Control Digital Display Platform system supports live video inputs from multiple sources including cameras, cable/satellite feeds or DVD players and can output the signal in analog, NTSC/PAL, DVI or HD-SDI formats. It automatically downloads and stores all content locally, allowing uninterrupted playout in the event of a network disruption. The system is also designed with an automatic recovery feature that allows the player to self-diagnose and resolve system errors without operator intervention.

Mr. Allain adds, “Our Company’s beginnings date back to the 1920’s and since that time, Trans-Lux has continued to evolve and deliver display solutions that take visual communication technology to a higher level. Control and management technology is the next logical evolution for us and we believe we’ve set the bar higher with the new TL Control Digital Display Platform.”