House of Worship

Churches benefit from LED technologies
Deliver The Message Clearly With LED Displays

Houses of Worship have a meaningful challenge – to balance congregation support and outreach, while minimizing overhead and expenses. Employing LED displays and LED lighting are two great ways to help get the message out while saving money and reducing energy consumption. TL Vision LED Displays and TL Energy LED Lighting can transform any congregation venue into a powerful platform for better communication and engagement.

TL Vision LED Displays deliver exceptional resolution, color reproduction and wide viewing angles ideal for being seen, indoors or outdoors. Click here to see the full lineup of TL Vision Displays.

House of worship interior with LED lighting
TL Energy LED Lighting Is Responsible – And Effective!

The low operating costs and energy usage deliver benefits for the environment while conserving valuable resources you can apply to other activities. TL Energy LED Lighting can reduce your energy consumption as much as 50-80% when compared to conventional lighting, while also cutting your maintenance costs. At the same time, TL Energy lighting is people friendly, environmentally friendly, and aesthetically friendly – there really is no better choice! Click here to see all the TL Energy LED Lighting possibilities.

Choose Trans-Lux for TL Vision displays and TL Energy lighting – a potent worship-space combination.