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Trans-Lux’s TL Vision LED Displays, Prismatronic by Trans-Lux LED OOH Displays, Fair-Play by Trans-Lux LED Scoreboards, and TL Energy LED Lighting combine to deliver the most comprehensive lineup of LED system solutions available. Integrate them to control the theme, color, intensity, and mood of your venue – and change it whenever needed. Trans-Lux offers innovative sales models that deliver huge savings – and virtually pay for themselves.

Imagine where Trans-Lux can take you!



Fair-Play Sports Displays   Fair-Play LED scoreboards are installed in thousands of locations around the…
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LED Displays

LED Displays   Trans-Lux is a global leader in LED displays, offering versatile, engaging displays…
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Hallway Lighting 265x265

TL Energy LED Lighting

TL Energy LED Lighting   Trans-Lux is a global leader in LED-based lighting and display…
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