Track and Field Timing

Complete Your Track & Field Timing System

This selection of Track & Field timing devices and software is compatible with Fair-Play by Trans-Lux Track and Field scoreboards.  Use these track timing elements to create a complete timing and display solution that will meet your needs.

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Fair-Play is compatible with FinishLynx timing software
Fair-Play Works With FinishLynx Software

FinishLynx is the world’s most popular and powerful digital photo finish and sports timing software. When combined with an EtherLynx photo-finish camera, FinishLynx produces time-stamped results images (accurate to .001 or greater) for world-class fully automatic timing.


Fair-Play is compatible with Hy-Tek Meet Manager Software
Fair-Play Works With Hy-Tek Meet Manager Software

Meet Manager for Track & Field (TFMM) can help managers run track meets efficiently and well. Used in more than 100 countries, in USA Olympic Trials and in thousands of local meets worldwide. Features are user-friendly, intuitive and flexible, built to save time during a meet when every second counts.

Also works with FinishLynx timing devices.


Fair-Play ProLine Controllers
Fair-Play ProLine Controller Software

With Fair-Play’s ProLine control systems data can be displayed with a few key strokes. Easily connect with photo finish, track timing and Meet Manager systems.


Fair-Play is compatible with Omega Powertime Devices
Fair-Play Works With Omega Powertime

This is a popular hand held multi-functioning timing system used for track and field events. Easily integrates with Hy-Tek meet management software and other popular systems.

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