Scoreboard Control

Fair-Play by Trans-Lux scoreboard controllers are available for indoor and outdoor scoreboards, using a wired connection, or with a fully guaranteed frequency-hopping wireless link for enhanced immunity to radio interference. LCD display shows time and data. Battery-powered models work indoors or outdoors for up to 6 hours.

It’s easy to get excited about the simplicity and effectiveness of Fair-Play by Trans-Lux scoreboard controllers.  Control yourself!

Model Description Width in Feet Height in Inches Weight in Lbs. Product Manual Spec Sheet
HC-70 Game clock hand switch
HH-70 Game clock and horn
HS-70 Shot timer hand switch
MP-50 Multi-sport controller
MP-52 Multi-sport wireless
MP-70 Multi-sport controller
MP-73 Multi-sport wireless
Sideline Game clock control