Fair-Play by Trans-Lux Volleyball Scoreboards keep players and fans in step with the action.  Basic models keep score for up to four games at a time; select models employ three LED digit colors to organize time, score and player information, including the number of player digs and player kills, and more. High visibility, long-life LEDs mounted in your choice of cabinet and trim colors.

Go for an ace – with Fair-Play by Trans-Lux Volleyball Scoreboards.

Model Description Width in Feet Height in Inches Weight in Lbs. Product Manual Spec Sheet
BB-1610-4 Volleyball Scoreboard 9 60 101
VB-1610-4 Volleyball Scoreboard 9 24 96
VB-1712-4 Volleyball Scoreboard 12 24 141
BB-2666-4 Volleyball Scoreboard 15 60 265
VB-1609-4 Volleyball Scoreboard 15 24 110