Fair-Play by Trans-Lux Wrestling Scoreboards are one-, two-, or three-sided and show time, score, period and match weight in easy-to-read LED bar digits. The three-sided model has an optional tripod.

Don’t wrestle with your decision – choose Fair-Play by Trans-Lux for your Wrestling Scoreboard needs!

Model Description Width in Feet Height in Inches Weight in Lbs. Product Manual Spec Sheet
WR-1400-3S-4 3-sided Scoreboard 2.5 26 45
WR-1400-4 Wrestling Scoreboard 2.5 26 15
WR-1358-4 Wrestling Scoreboard 6 72 160
BB-1620-4 Wrestling Scoreboard 9 60 101
BB-2666-4 Wrestling Scoreboard 15 60 265