Indoor LED Lighting

TL Energy Indoor LED Lighting provides a bright path to higher efficiency and savings. LED lighting delivers enormous cost savings by reducing your energy consumption and emissions by as much as 50% when compared to conventional lighting. TL Energy Indoor LED lamps also last approximately 50,000 hours to reduce your maintenance and disposal expenses – all without sacrificing the quality of light inside your facility.

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Play this video to see how the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) benefited by installing Trans-Lux LED Lighting.

Category Description Spec Sheet # Spec Sheet
Catalog LED Lighting Catalog Apr-15
Catalog Indoor Product Line Apr-15
A Lamps A19 8.5W MultiDirectional SS0002
A Lamps 10W Omni LED A19 SS0247
A Lamps LED Omni A19, A21 Series SS0237
S14 Bulb .5W Marquee/Amusement SS0112
S14 Bulb Wet Location Signage Bulb SS0147
BR / Reflector BR20, BR30 and BR40 SS0324
BR / Reflector BR30 12W and BR40 15W SS0135
Candelabra 4W Decorative Candle SS0326
Candelabra Dimmable Candelabra 4.5 W SS0136
Candelabra Dimmable Candle Lamp 5 W SS0325
Downlight 6 inch, 13W SS0337
Downlight 4 inch, 14 and 27W SS0271
Downlight 6 inch; 18, 23 and 27 W SS0350
Downlight 8"; 18, 23, 27, 33, 40W SS0016
Globe G16.5 2.5 W, 3.5W SS0010
Globe G25 4.5 W SS0011
Globe LED Filament Globes SS0323
Globe G25 6 Watt SS0327
Globe G30 10 Watt SS0012
Globe G40 15 Watt SS0328
MR16, PAR16 7W GU5.3, GU10, PAR 16 SS0150
MR16 MR16 Lamps 7W Series SS0329
MH Replacements LED for Metal Halide Lamp SS0285
Linear Tube Plug-and-Play LED T8 SS0240
Linear Tube 10W 2ft TL 2nd Gen T8 SS0207
Linear Tube 10W 3ft TL 2nd Gen T8 SS0248
Linear Tube 15W 4ft TL 2nd Gen T5 SS0208
Linear Tube 15W 4ft TL 2nd Gen T8 SS0209
Linear Tube 18W 4ft TL 2nd Gen T8 SS0210
Linear Tube 22W 4ft TL 2nd Gen T8 SS0211
Linear Tube 31W 6ft TL 2nd Gen T8 SS0261
Linear Tube 31W 8ft TL 2nd Gen T8 SS0241
Linear Tube 2ft U Bend T8 SS0283
Linear Tube U Bend 15 Watt SS0317
Linear Tube U Bend 18 Watt SS0028
Linear Tube Glass Plug-and-Play T8 SS0315
Linear Tube Glass LED T8 Tube SS0316
Linear Fixture T20 LED Tube Bracket Lamp SS0239
Linear Fixture LED Utility Wrap Series SS0347
Linear Fixture Vaportight Smart Series SS0320
Linear Fixture LED Tri-Proof Light SS0322
Linear Fixture Vaportight 4ft 2 lights SS0318
Linear Fixture 4" Vapor Proof; 30W, 50W SS0255
Linear Fixture 4' and 5' Vapor Proof SS0245
Linear Panel TLSecond GEN 1×4 DLC SS0212
Linear Panel TLSecond GEN 2×2 DLC SS0213
Linear Panel TLSecond GEN 2×4 DLC SS0214
Troffer 2×2 LED Troffer SS0280
Troffer 2×4 LED Troffer SS0281
PAR PAR20, PAR30, PAR 38 SS0330
PAR PAR20/30/38 Dimmable SS0144
PAR PAR30 13W SS0254
PAR PAR38 16 Watt SS0076
PAR PAR38 23 Watt ND SS0117
Flush Mount Round,11.5W Pull Chain SS0308
Flush Mount Round, 11.5W SS0309
Flush Mount Round, 14W SS0310
Flush Mount Square, 14W SS0311
Flush Mount Round, 22W SS0312
Flush Mount Round, 40W 2810lms SS0313
Flush Mount Round, 40W 2900lms SS0314
PL Series Ballast Compatible SS0319
PL Series LED 4-Pin/2-Pin Downlight SS0284
2G11 Horizontal Mount 15W SS0070
2G11 Horizontal Mount 20W SS0071
Highbay TL Energy E+TM LED SS0215
Highbay Industrial Premium SS0099
Highbay TL Energy E-Class SS0104
Highbay Edge LED Flood Lighting SS0273
Highbay Edge LED SS0274
Highbay Luce LED SS0275
Highbay Nastro LED SS0277
Highbay AccuLED Warehouse Light SS0278