Outdoor LED Lighting

TL Energy Outdoor LED Lighting illuminates wide open spaces with incredible brightness while reducing energy costs. In fact, TL Energy LED lamps consume approximately 50% less energy per lumen than conventional lighting. TL Energy Outdoor LED lamps are designed to last over 50,000 hours resulting in minimal maintenance and bulb disposal costs.

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Category Description Spec Sheet # Spec Sheet
Catalog LED Lighting Catalog
Catalog Outdoor Product Line
Canopy TL Energy Canopy Lights SS0106
Canopy Garage Light Nastro SS0276
Canopy Gas Station Lights SS0216
Canopy TL1 – 175W HID Repl SS0056
Canopy TL2 – 250W HID Repl SS0057
Canopy TL3 – 400W HID Repl SS0058
Canopy 60W Garage Lowbay SS0172
Flood Light High Power LED Flood SS0246
Flood Light Outdoor/Indoor High Lumen SS0298
Flood Light TL Energy Flood Lights SS0105
Outdoor PAR PAR38 17W Wet Location SS0331
Outdoor PAR PAR38 19W Weatherproof SS0118
Outdoor PAR PAR38 20.5W Weatherproof SS0023
Shoebox TL Energy Shoebox SS0109
Cobra Head TL-AV Series, DOT & Area SS0340
Cobra Head TL-CN Series, Roadway SS0339
Cobra Head TL-GL/AS LED Roadway SS0338
Cobra Head TL-VG Floodlight Series SS0341
Cobra Head Trans-Lux il Series SS0321
Cobra Head TL-RTL Roadway SS0303
Cobra Head TL-RTL2/RTL3 Roadway SS0343
Cobra Head TL-RTL4/RTL6/RTL7 Roadway SS0344
Cobra Head TL Energy Galaxy XD SS0175
Post Top 90W Post Top Fixture SS0249
Step Light Kit & Accessories SS0089
Tunnel Light TL Energy Tunnel Lights SS0108
Wall Pack LED Wall Packs - 20W SS0301
Wall Pack LED Wall Packs – 30W SS0302
Wall Pack LED Wall Pack – 35W SS0304
Wall Pack LED Wall Packs – 50W SS0305
Wall Pack Round pole/wall - 50W SS0306
Wall Pack LED Wall Pack – 60W SS0263
Wall Pack LED Wall Pack – 80W SS0307