Specialty LED Lighting

TL Energy Specialty LED Lighting includes a wide range of shape and sizes to meet your specific lighting needs. Solutions are available for chain lights, desk lamps, decorative, elevators, exit signs, fluorescent tubes, JC Bi-Pin, wedge, festoon, night lights and more. Each model offers energy savings, high performance and reliability for long life.

Category Description Spec Sheet # Spec Sheet
Catalog LED Lighting Catalog
Catalog Specialty Product Line
Ceiling Fixture LED Ceiling Fixture SS0177
Vanity Light 3-Light LED Vanity Lights SS0176
Jelly Jar LED Vaporproof SS0346
Stage Lights RGB PAR64 R1 Series SS0258
Stadium Lights LED Stadium Pro SS0345
Wall Washer RGB 8C Series Wall Wash SS0342
Lightbar Plug-and-Play Lightbars SS0234
Lightbar Horiz. Refrigerator Case SS0173
Lightbar Vert. Refrigerator Case SS0174
Decorative C7, C9, G16, G19 SS0088
Elevator Elevator Lights 2.2 Watt SS0031
Exit Signs NY Rated Architect Choice SS0282
Exit Signs Edge-Lit Exit Signs SS0262
Exit Signs Paddle Retrofit Kits Spec SS0279
Exit Signs Round Retrofit Kits Spec SS0136
Grow Lamp Matrix S Series SS0300
Explosion Proof Flood 10, 15, 20, 25, 30W SS0184
Explosion Proof Flood 20, 30, 40, 50W SS0185
Explosion Proof Flood 20, 30, 40, 50W SS0186
Fluorescent Fluorescent T5 and T5HO SS0132
Fluorescent T8, T8HO and U-Bend SS0133